Heinrich C. Wallschlaeger Jr.

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surname:  Wallschlaeger (or Wallschläger)  
given name(s):  Heinrich Carl Wilhelm  
usually known as:  Henry Jr.  
birth date/place:  9 October 1853 Milwaukee, WI
died:  3 October 1933  
cemetery/city:  Union Milwaukee, WI
father:  A. Heinrich Wallschlaeger Sr.  
mother:  C. Caroline Bartel  
spouse:  Wilhelmine F. Meyer  
marriage date/place:   17 May 1883 Milwaukee, WI

Frieda E. Wallschlaeger   (1884--1977)
Hugo H. Wallschlaeger   (1885--1970)
Friedrich O. Wallschlaeger   (1888--1939)
Hermann A. Wallschlaeger   (1889--1893)
Paul H. Wallschlaeger   (1891--1969)
Bruno D. Wallschlaeger   (1895--1987)

occupation: Master carpenter, general contractor

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additional information:
Although referred to as "Henry Jr.", his given names were not actually the same as his father's.

Henry Jr. and his wife, "Minnie" Meyer, were both born in Milwaukee. But Henry's parents were Pomeranians who spoke "Plattdeutsch" ("Flat" or "Low" German) and Minnie's parents were Bavarians who spoke "Hochdeutsch" ("High" German). These language designations actually refer to the fact that speakers lived in lowlands or highlands, respectively. But my mother recalled that she thought the Bavarian side of the family considered themselves somewhat superior for speaking "Hochdeutsch"

John Bartelt 2006-01-30