A. Heinrich Wallschlaeger Sr.

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surname:  Wallschläger (or Wallschlaeger)  
given name(s):  (August) Heinrich Ferdinand  
usually known as:  Henry Sr.  
birth date/place:  29 March 1818 Langendorf, Pomerania, Prussia
died:  15 July 1904  
cemetery/city:  Union Milwaukee, WI
father:  E. Friedrich Wallschlaeger  
mother:  Friedericke Wolfgram  
spouse:  C. Caroline Bartel  
marriage date/place:   5 June 1848 Rottnow, Pomerania

Johanne E. Wallschlaeger   (1849--1886)
Wilhelmine A. Wallschlaeger   (1851--1935)
Heinrich C. Wallschlaeger Jr.   (1853--1933)
Louisa Wallschlaeger   (1857--1946)
Friedrich Wallschlaeger   (1859--1880)
Bertha E. Wallschlaeger   (1861--1935)
Emma Wallschlaeger   (1863--1940)
Franz F. Wallschlaeger   (1867--1934)

occupation: Shepherd, in Pomerania; dairyman in Milwaukee.

immigration: Left Hamburg with wife and first two children on 15 May 1851, on board the Aurora. Arrived at New York City on 5 August 1851.

records and documents:
Hand-written, wax-sealed birth/baptism certificates from home towns for self, wife, and first two children, who were born in Schwirsen, Pomerania.

Hamburg departure records show an August Wallschaleger from Schwirsen leaving on the ship "Aurora" on May 15, 1851. Port of New York passneger arrival manifest lists him, wife, and children. Lists his occupation as "shepherd". Church records for Trinity (Milwaukee) show they joined in 1851.

additional information:
"Henry Sr." was born in Langendorf, now known by the Polish name Legno, in the "kreis"(county) of Cammin. The official wax seal attesting to his birth indicates the document is from Baumgarten (Wlodislaw), which is near Langendorf and served as the local civil registry office.

According to the documents, his first two children were born in Schwirsen (Swierzno), before the family emigrated to America. Schwirsen is also in the kreis Cammin, 12 km east of the town of Cammin.

An e-mail message, from Dieter Wallschläger of Berlin stated: "In the Kreis Cammin of Pomerania in the early 19th century [there] existed four or five families with the surname Wallschlaeger (villages Baumgarten, Reckow, Nemitz and Langendorf). The oldest [listing] is from 1700 in Nemitz. The Wallschlaeger's from Langendorf/Kreis Cammin [included] ... some [other] children of Ernst Friedrich and his wife Friedericke. [A] sister of August Heinrich also emigrated to America and married a Pscheitt. August Heinrich lived in his [early] years in Rottnow/Kreis Greifenberg, where [his] uncle(?) Johann Gottlieb was a teacher and later (1851?) emigrated together with his family. All the inhabitants of Rottnow were Lutherans (Alt-Lutheraner)."

His brother, Heinrich Fritz (known as "Fritz", apparently) was also a milkman, who lived in Wauwatosa. It would be easy to confuse the two, since August Heinrich was known as "Henry".

John Bartelt 2006-01-30