E. Friedrich Wallschlaeger

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surname:  Wallschläger (Wallschlaeger)  
given name(s):  (Ernst) Friedrich  
usually known as:  Friedrich  
birth date/place:  c. 1790 Langendorf (?), Pomerania, Prussia
died:  ?  
spouse:  Friedericke Wolfgram  
marriage date/place:      

A. Heinrich Wallschlaeger Sr.   (1818--1904)
Wilhelmina Wallschlaeger   
Wilhelm Wallschlaeger   
Carl Wallschlaeger   
H. Fritz Wallschlaeger   
Caroline F. Wallschlaeger   
Ernstina Wallschlaeger   

occupation: tailor

records and documents:
Listed on A. Heinrich Wallschlaeger Sr.'s birth certificate.

additional information:
The list of children is from Hugo Wallschlaeger's records. Some additional information comes from Dieter Wallschläger of Berlin.

The 1880 US census records for H. Fritz Wallschlaeger (who was living in Wauwatosa, WI) list his and his parents' birthplaces as "Langendorf" (this is unusual, since they normally just listed the country or state of birth). This may have been a misunderstanding, but it's quite possible that Ernst was born in Langendorf.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30