C. Caroline Bartel

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surname:  Bartel  
given name(s):  (Charlotte) Caroline Josephine Emilie  
usually known as:  Caroline  
married name:  Caroline Wallschlaeger  
birth date/place:  4 April 1825 Coelpin, Pomerania, Prussia
died:  6 April 1914  
cemetery/city:  Union Milwaukee, WI
father:  Johann F. Bartel  
mother:  Hanna C. Kienast  
spouse:  A. Heinrich Wallschlaeger Sr.  
marriage date/place:   5 June 1848 Rottnow, Pomerania

Johanne E. Wallschlaeger   (1849--1886)
Wilhelmine A. Wallschlaeger   (1851--1935)
Heinrich C. Wallschlaeger Jr.   (1853--1933)
Louisa Wallschlaeger   (1857--1946)
Friedrich Wallschlaeger   (1859--1880)
Bertha E. Wallschlaeger   (1861--1935)
Emma Wallschlaeger   (1863--1940)
Franz F. Wallschlaeger   (1867--1934)


immigration: Left Hamburg with husband and first two children on 15 May 1851, on board the Aurora. Arrived at New York City on 5 August 1851.

records and documents:
Hand-written, wax-sealed birth/baptism certificates from home towns for self, wife, and first two children, who were born in Schwirsen, Pomerania.

additional information:
Meyer's Gazeteer [3] does not list a "Cölpin" or "Coelpin" in Pomerania. However, according to information from Dieter Wallschläger of Berlin, she was born in Pinnow, Kreis Regenwalde, and baptized in Cölpin, Kreis Kölberg, Pomerania. [However, the baptism certificate I have says she was born in "Coelpin".] These locations are quite near the kreis (county) of Cammin, where her husband and first two children were born, so this seem logical. My map of Pomerania (c. 1928), shows a village of "Kölpin" in Kölberg, so apparently the spelling changed. Trinity (Milwaukee) church records list her birthplace in one place as "Pinnow", but as "Kölpin" or "Cölpin" in other places. Her maiden is spelled "Barthelt" in some entries, though in at least one case, that is crossed out and "Bartel" is written in. There was a family of Barthelts in Trinity at the time.

The information from Dieter also says that their marriage banns were posted in Rottnow, but they were married in Pinnow. The Trinity records say they were married in Rottnow in 1848.

Her second child, Wilhelmine, was less than 16 weeks old when she departed Hamburg and spent more than 11 weeks on board the Aurora.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30