Wilhelmine F. Meyer

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surname:  Meyer  
given name(s):  Wilhelmine Fredericke(?)  
usually known as:  Minnie  
married name:  Wilhelmine F. Wallschlaeger  
birth date/place:  18 January 1856 Milwaukee, WI
died:  13 May 1941  
cemetery/city:  Union Milwaukee, WI
father:  G. Wilhelm Meyer  
mother:  M. Barbara Wirth  
spouse:  Heinrich C. Wallschlaeger Jr.  
marriage date/place:   17 May 1883 Milwaukee, WI

Frieda E. Wallschlaeger   (1884--1977)
Hugo H. Wallschlaeger   (1885--1970)
Friedrich O. Wallschlaeger   (1888--1939)
Hermann A. Wallschlaeger   (1889--1893)
Paul H. Wallschlaeger   (1891--1969)
Bruno D. Wallschlaeger   (1895--1987)


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additional information:
"Minnie" Meyer and her husband, Henry Wallschlaeger Jr., were both born in Milwaukee. But Henry's parents were Pomeranians who spoke "Plattdeutsch" ("Flat" or "Low" German) and Minnie's parents were Bavarians who spoke "Hochdeutsch" ("High" German). "Plattdeutsch" actually refers to the fact that speakers lived in lowlands (in the north). But my mother recalled that she thought the Bavarian side of the family considered themselves somewhat superior for speaking "Hochdeutsch" (which is the "standard" German now).

John Bartelt 2006-01-30