G. Wilhelm Meyer

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surname:  Meyer  
given name(s):  (Georg) Wilhelm  
usually known as:  William  
birth date/place:  27 February 1826 Mönchsroth, Bavaria
died:  7 June 1880  
cemetery/city:    Wisconsin
father:  J. Adam Meyer  
mother:  Johanna M. Christ  
spouse:  M. Barbara Wirth  
marriage date/place:   1853 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Barbara Meyer   (1854--1942)
Wilhelmine F. Meyer   (1856--1941)
Johann A. Meyer   (1857--1937)
Edward Meyer   (1859--1930)
William H. Meyer   (1862--1941)
A. Elisabetha Meyer   (1864--1944)
G. Leonhard Meyer   (1866--1949)
M. Kunigunde Meyer   (1867--1953)
G. Hermann Meyer   (1870--1913)
A. Carl Meyer   (1872--1951)

occupation: Machinist

immigration: arrived port of New York, August, 1851

records and documents:
Mechanic's apprencticeship diploma from Germany. Hand-written birth certificate from hometown. Citizenship papers.

additional information:
Hugo Wallschlaeger's records say he has a "brother in Missouri".

William and his wife were Lutherans, a minority in southern Germany, which may be part of the reason they came to America. His native village, however, was Lutheran.

Mönchsroth (or Moenchsroth) is on the western edge of Bavaria, in the "Landkreis" (county) of Ansbach. In the past, the area was the in the Landkreis of Dinkelsbühl.

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