J. Adam Meyer

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surname:  Meyer  
given name(s):  (Johann) (Georg?) Adam  
usually known as:  Adam  
birth date/place:  12 December 1782 Mönchsroth, Bavaria
died:  10 October 1857  
cemetery/city:    Mönchsroth, Bavaria
father:  Johann B. Meyer  
mother:  Maria E. Vogelgsang  
spouse:  Johanna M. Christ  
marriage date/place:   6 June 1807 Mönchsroth, Bavaria

Johann G. Meyer   
G. Wilhelm Meyer   (1826--1880)

occupation: Master shoemaker

records and documents:
Listed on G. Wilhelm Meyer's birth certificate.

additional information:
The current pastor in Mönchsroth reports that his name is listed as "Johann Adam Meyer", except in the baptismal record for Georg Wilhelm where it is listed as "Georg Adam Meyer". He believes the latter is a mistake. That record must be the basis of the birth certificate that Georg Wilhelm brought with him to America.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30