Bruno D. Wallschlaeger

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surname:  Wallschlaeger  
given name(s):  Bruno Daniel  
usually known as:  Bruno  
birth date/place:  27 February 1895 Milwaukee, WI
died:  21 April 1987  
cemetery/city:  Graceland Milwaukee, WI
father:  Heinrich C. Wallschlaeger Jr.  
mother:  Wilhelmine F. Meyer  
spouse:  Wanda V. Sterz  
marriage date/place:   28 August 1920 Watertown, Wisconsin

Lois M. Wallschlaeger   (1921--1985)
Elinor E. Wallschlaeger   (1921--1985)
John R. Wallschlaeger   (1928--1960)

occupation: Paper Salesman

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additional information:
Remarried, after first wife (Wanda) died, to: Marian Moran, on 26 May 1956.

Sometimes shortened his middle name to "Dan", because his "last name was so long".

Baptismal sponsors: Hermann Meyer, Barbara [Meyer] Buening, Wilhelmine Wallschlaeger.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30