August F. Bartelt

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surname:  Bartelt  
given name(s):  August Friedrich (Wilhelm)  
usually known as:     
birth date/place:  2 March 1817 Wilsdorf (?), Pomerania, Prussia
died:  21 September 1884  
cemetery/city:  David Star (?) Kirchhayn, Wisconsin
father:  Friedrich Bartelt  
mother:  A. Friederike Bartelt  
spouse:  S. Ernestine Zarling  
marriage date/place:   17 June 1856 Milwaukee, WI

Eduard A. Bartelt   (1859--1859)
Heinrich A. Bartelt   (1861--1932)
Wilhelm F. Bartelt   (1863--1933)

occupation: Tailor and Farmer

immigration: Arrived port of New York on 15 July 1852, on the bark "Sidonia", from the Pomeranian port of Swinemünde.

records and documents:

additional information:
Birthdate is from the David Star record of his death; the age listed on the Sidonia passenger list (35) is consistent with that. His marriage record at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Milwaukee) lists his age as 34. If his birthdate is right, he was actually 39 (Ernestine Zarling's age is also off by a year in the marriage record.) Birth place is from his marriage record, which says he is from "Wilzdorf bei Wollin". His uncle Friedrich's birthplace is listed as "Wielsdorf" in his uncle's death record (David Star). It's possible that Wilsdorf was not August's birthplace, but simply the last place they lived before leaving Prussia.

American records list him as "August Friedrich". Some Pomeranian chruch records refer to "August Friedrich Wilhelm Bartelt", and I believe this is the same person.

They (August, Ernestine, mother Friederike and Uncle Friedrich) apparently joined David Star (Kirchhayn) later in 1856. He is presumably buried their, but I could not find a grave stone.

Farm in Jackson township was handed down to Wilhelm, and Wilhelm's son Helmut. It is now the site of the Jackson Country Community Center.

See also the Bartelt narrative.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30