Heinrich A. Bartelt

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surname:  Bartelt  
given name(s):  Heinrich August Wilhelm  
usually known as:  Henry  
birth date/place:  10 July 1861 Jackson, WI
died:  26 August 1932  
cemetery/city:  Graceland Milwaukee, WI
father:  August F. Bartelt  
mother:  S. Ernestine Zarling  
spouse:  Louise W. Tischer  
marriage date/place:   27 November 1884 Kirchhayn, Wisconsin

Louis F. Bartelt (1)   (1887--1965)
Elsa S. Bartelt   (1889--1920)
Heinrich C. Bartelt   (1891--1971)
Lucy A. Bartelt   (1892--1975)
Hilda S. Bartelt   (1896--1973)

occupation: carpenter, furniture maker

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