Jackson Township, Washington County, Wisconsin

Each of the 36 sections is a one mile square.

Farms of ancestors are shown in solid green, with name and year of purchase.

Farms of collateral relatives are outlined in green. (The August Kowalsky and Johann Zarling farms expanded significantly between 1878 and 1892. The dashed lines show the outline of the later, larger properties.)

The David Star Lutheran Church grounds are shown in gray.

Additional Farm Notes:

  • Bartelt (1856) - section 22 (about 15 acres) - this location is based on Carl Bartelt's report. Presumably August Bartelt bought it when he moved to Jackson, circa 1856. His children were born here. The small farm is not labelled on the 1859 plat map. But judging from the 1860 and 1870 census records, this location looks correct.

  • Bartelt (1878) - sections 10 & 27 (50 & 30 acres) - I believe these lands were purchased from Ferdinand Schreiber's widow. They are described in detail in August Bartelt's will (1884). The section 27 farm remained in the family for a long time, worked by son Wilhelm and grandson Helmut. The section 10 farm must have been sold at some point.

  • Burmeister (1843) - section 26 (about 20 acres) - This location is a guess based on 1850 census records. It is not labelled on the 1859 plat map.

  • G. Tischer (1844) - section 25 (40 acres) - This was Gottlieb C. Tischer's farm, inherited by his oldest son Gottlieb. It is still owned by descendants, the Pipkorns.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30