S. Ernestine Zarling

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surname:  Zarling  
given name(s):  (Sophie) Ernestine Friederike  
usually known as:  Ernestine S.  
married name:  Ernestine Bartelt  
birth date/place:  11 April 1833 Wisbu, Pomerania, Prussia
died:  25 January 1916  
cemetery/city:  David Star Kirchhayn, WI
father:  Christian F. Zarling  
mother:  Dorothea S. Hoge  
spouse:  August F. Bartelt  
marriage date/place:   17 June 1856 Milwaukee, WI

Eduard A. Bartelt   (1859--1859)
Heinrich A. Bartelt   (1861--1932)
Wilhelm F. Bartelt   (1863--1933)


immigration: Arrived in USA in 1854, according to 1900 census.

records and documents:
Wisbu parish records and David Star church records.

additional information:
Married at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Milwuakee). One entry in the David Star records says she joined that congregation in 1856.

First son, Eduard August Gotthilf (born 19 July 1859), died when less than three months old (4 October 1859).

According to her death certificate, her funeral was directed by "L. F. Bartelt", her grandson.

Her baptism in Wisbu is listed under the name "Sophie Ernestine Friederike Zarling", but in Wisconsin she was apparently known as "Ernestina S. Zarling". Her baptism witnesses were: Esther Sophie Zarling nee Jüdes; Dorothea Louise Ernestine Jüdes nee Zarling [her father's sister]; and Johann David Zarling [her father's brother].

John Bartelt 2006-01-30