M. Moritz Sterz

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surname:  Sterz (or Stertz, or Stürz)  
given name(s):  (Michael) Moritz  
usually known as:  Moritz  
birth date/place:  23 September 1815     Drahnow, West Prussia
died:  ?  
father:  Johann F. Stertz  
mother:  Dorothea C. Linzen  
spouse:  Justine Badtke  
marriage date/place:   5 February 1841 Stieglitz, Posen, Prussia

Albertine E. Sterz   (1842--?)
Pauline A. Sterz   (1844--?)
Henrietta B. Sterz   (1847--1847)
Fredericke C. Sterz   (1850--?)
Emma Sterz   (1851--1852)
Emil E. Sterz   (1853--?)
Hermann A. Sterz   (1856--1926)

occupation: Tailor

records and documents:
Known from Hermann Sterz's marriage and death certificates. Birth/baptismal record in Drahnow parish records. Listed in Stieglitz church and school records.

additional information:
Birth record in Drahnow spells father's last names as "Stertz". Early church records in Stieglitz (marriage, first two children) spell last name "Stürz". The spelling "Stürtz" also also appears. Later Stieglitz records spell it "Sterz".

The marriage record in Stieglitz lists his birthplace as "Gross Dranow".

The list of children may be incomplete, because the church records from 1856 and later are not available. Daughter Henrietta only lived about a month; Emma died when only about 18 months old.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30