Hermann A. Sterz

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surname:  Sterz  
given name(s):  Hermann Adolf  
usually known as:  Herman  
birth date/place:  15 April 1856 Stieglitz, Posen, Prussia
died:  27 November 1926  
cemetery/city:  Oak Hill Watertown, WI
father:  M. Moritz Sterz  
mother:  Justine Badtke  
spouse:  Ida Noack  
marriage date/place:   17 November 1892     Middleton, WI

Ewald F. Sterz   (1894-1947)
Wanda V. Sterz   (1895--1952)
Edna E. Sterz   (1897--1966)
Percy H. Sterz   (1899--1945)

occupation: Lutheran Minister

immigration: Arrived in USA in 1882.

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additional information:
His first wife was Auguste Jensen, who died from childbirth on 19 December 1888. This was in Syracuse, NY, where they were living at the time. But she is buried in her hometown of Springfield, Illinois, at the Oak Ridge Cemetery (the same cemetery where Abraham Lincoln is buried). They were married on August 18th, 1886; According to one piece of family lore, Auguste was Hermann's one great love.

The Rev. Hermann Sterz was originally ordained in the Wartburg Synod (of Illinois) in 1885 (Mt. Pulaski, Illinois), and served as pastor at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Golden, Illinois. He then moved to Syracuse, NY, 1887-1888, where he was housefather at the German Evangelical Protestant Lutheran Tabor Orphanage. After Auguste died, he went back to Germany to visit his parents and sister.

After returning to the US, he served a Lutheran orphanage in Green Bay, Wisconsin, before being called to serve the German Evangelical Church (which later became St. Luke's Lutheran) in Watertown. About this time he joined the Augsburg Synod.

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