Justine Badtke

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surname:  Badtke (or Badke)  
given name(s):  Justine  
usually known as:     
married name:  Justine Sterz  
birth date/place:  22 December 1818     Stieglitz, Posen Prussia
died:  ?  
father:  Michael Badke (2)  
mother:  Anna C. Belitz  
spouse:  M. Moritz Sterz  
marriage date/place:   5 February 1841 Stieglitz, Posen, Prussia

Albertine E. Sterz   (1842--?)
Pauline A. Sterz   (1844--?)
Henrietta B. Sterz   (1847--1847)
Fredericke C. Sterz   (1850--?)
Emma Sterz   (1851--1852)
Emil E. Sterz   (1853--?)
Hermann A. Sterz   (1856--1926)


records and documents:
Known from Stieglitz church records and Hermann Sterz's marriage certificates.

additional information:
M. Moritz Sterz's wife's maiden name is consistently listed as "Justine Badtke" in the Stieglitz church records. (Although her surname is spelled "Badke" in the earlier records.) Hermann Sterz's Wisconsin marriage certificate (for his marriage to Ida Noack), though, says "Christine Radtke". But his Illinois marriage certificate, for his first marriage, lists his mother's maiden name says as "Justine Badke". Apparently, the Dane County Clerk, or someone there, misunderstood.

Stieglitz was a village in Posen, Prussia (now in Poland).

The list of children may be incomplete, because the church records from 1856 and thereafter are unavailable.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30