Michael Badke (2)

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surname:  Badke (or Badtke?)  
given name(s):  Michael  
usually known as:     
birth date/place:  c.1781  
died:  29 December 1831  
father:  Michael Badke (1)  
mother:  Anna E. Warnke  
spouse:  Anna C. Belitz  
marriage date/place:      

Justine Badtke   (1818--?)
Louise Badke   (1826--1832)
Wilhelm Badke   (1830--1830)


records and documents:
Justine Badtke's birth and marriage records, and his death record (from microfilm).

additional information:
Not certain the death record is for the same Michael Badke, but it seems likely. He did die before Justine's marriage in 1841. List of children is probably incomplete, because records from before 1818 (and from 1821-1824) are unavailable.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30