Anna E. Warnke

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surname:  Warnke  
given name(s):  Anna Elisabeth  
usually known as:     
married name:  Anna E. Badke  
birth date/place:  ?  
died:  ?  
spouse:  Michael Badke (1)  
marriage date/place:      

Michael Badke (2)   (c.1781--1831)


records and documents:
Michael Badke (2)'s death record; but see below.

additional information:
It's possible her parents were Christoph Warnke and Anna Christina Elfmann.

However, it's also possible this name is a mistake. The death record for the younger Michael Badke lists his parents as "Michael Badke" and "Anna Elisabeth geb. Warnke". However, the death record immediately preceeding this one lists the descedent's parents as "Johann Holz" and "Anna Elisabeth Warnke". So either there was an error in recording or copying the records, or there was a mighty strange coincidence.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30