Johann F. Stertz

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surname:  Stertz (or Stürz, Sterz)  
given name(s):  Johann Friedrich H.  
usually known as:     
birth date/place:  ? (Klein) Drahnow, West Prussia
died:  ?  
spouse:  Dorothea C. Linzen  
marriage date/place:      

M. Moritz Sterz   (1815--?)
Carl G. Stertz   (1817--?)
Juliana W. Stertz   (1819--?)

occupation: Forester, hunter

records and documents:
Drahnow and Stieglitz church records.

additional information:
Michael Moritz Sterz's birth record has his father's name spelled "Stertz". His marriage record has it spelled "Stürz".

List of children is probably incomplete, since only partial church records from Drahnow are available.

Church records from the 1800s refer to "Gross Drahnow" and "Klein Drahnow" (or "Dranow"). But Meyer's only lists "Drahnow". Probably by 1913 the two had merged into a single village.

George Stürz, whose name also appears in the Stieglitz church records, might be his brother. George's son, Johann Heinrich Stürz married Anna Elisabeth Bleich. Moritz Sterz is listed as a baptismal sponsor for two of their children.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30