Susannah H. Labitzky

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surname:  Labitzky (also "Labitsky", "Labitzki")  
given name(s):  Susannah Helena  
usually known as:     
married name:  Susannah Tischer  
birth date/place:  28 November 1807 Gross Ujeschütz, Silesia, Prussia
died:  1 December 1889  
cemetery/city:  David Star Kirchhayn, WI
spouse:  Gottlieb C. Tischer  
marriage date/place:   1827 Prussia

Anna R. Tischer   (1828--1908)
Gottlieb Tischer   (1831--1904)
Karl F. Tischer   (1833--1910)
David Tischer   (1835--?)
Christian Tischer   (1837--1908)
Ernst Tischer   (1839--1914)
Wilhelm Tischer   (1842--1910)
Elisabeth Tischer   (1845--1937)
G. August Tischer   (1847--1880)
Carolina Tischer   (1849--1938)
Gottlob H. Tischer   (1852--1939)


immigration: Arrived in New York on the ship Skjold, on 30 August 1845, with husband and eight children (including Elisabeth, who was only three months old when they arrived).

records and documents:

additional information:
Maiden name and birth place from David Star church records. Gross Ujeschütz is now the Polish town of Ujezdziec Wielki.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30