Gottlieb Tischer

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surname:  Tischer  
given name(s):  Gottlieb  
usually known as:     
birth date/place:  27 March 1831 Klein Ujeschütz, Silesia, Prussia
died:  22 December 1904  
cemetery/city:  David Star Kirchhayn, Wiscosnsin
father:  Gottlieb C. Tischer  
mother:  Susannah H. Labitzky  
spouse:  Albertine F. Burmeister  
marriage date/place:   4 November 1853 Kirchhayn, Wisconsin

Anna M. Tischer   (1854--1913)
Carl F. Tischer   (1856--1889)
Ferdinand D. Tischer   (1858--1942)
Juliane A. Tischer   (1862--1938)
Louise W. Tischer   (1864--1949)
Maria C. Tischer   (1867--1878)
Susannah H. Tischer   (1868--1942)
Pauline W. Tischer   (1869--?)
Sara P. Tischer   (1874--?)
Albert G. Tischer   (1877--1878)

occupation: Farmer

immigration: Arrived in New York on the ship Skjold, on 30 August 1845, with parents and siblings.

records and documents:

additional information:
Birth date and place from David Star church records. Date agrees with census records; his tombstone says "1832". Klein Ujeschütz. is now the Polish town of "Ujezdziec Maly". Under Prussian administration, it was in the kreis of Trebnitz.

Referred to as "Gottlieb Tischer junior" in some David Star church records.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30