Michael L. Zarling

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surname:  Zarling  
given name(s):  Michael Ludwig  
usually known as:     
birth date/place:  27(?) September 1767 Pomerania, Prussia
died:  5 November 1836  
cemetery/city:    Wisbu, Pomerania, Prussia
spouse:  Dorothea S. Koeller  
marriage date/place:      

Dorothee C. Zarling   (1801--1835)
Christian F. Zarling   (1802--1868)
Johann D. Zarling   (1803--1879)
Dorothee L. Zarling   (c.1804--?)
Dorothee S. Zarling   (c.1808--1832)
third-son Zarling   

occupation:  (propertied) farmer and village leader ("Schulz")

records and documents:
Wisbu parish records.

additional information:
Wisbu parish records list his age as 69 years, 1 month, 9 days, when he died on 5 November 1836. His father might have been Hans Zarling, who is mentioned in a marriage record, and also was a "Schulz".

John Bartelt 2006-01-30