Dorothea S. Koeller

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surname:  Köller  
given name(s):  Dorothea Sophie  
usually known as:     
birth date/place:  c.27 May 1770 Pomerania, Prussia
died:  27 November 1851  
cemetery/city:    Wisbu, Pomerania, Prussia
spouse:  Michael L. Zarling  
marriage date/place:      

Dorothee C. Zarling   (1801--1835)
Christian F. Zarling   (1802--1868)
Johann D. Zarling   (1803--1879)
Dorothee L. Zarling   (c.1804--?)
Dorothee S. Zarling   (c.1808--1832)
third-son Zarling   


records and documents:
Wisbu parish records and David Star church records.

additional information:
Wisbu parish records indicate she was 81 years, 6 months old, when she died, and that she had 3 sons and 1 daughter (two daughters predeceased her).

John Bartelt 2006-01-30