Michael F. Krakow

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surname:  Krakow (or Krackow)  
given name(s):  Michael Friedrich Wilhelm  
usually known as:     
birth date/place:  8 September 1812     Königsberg, Brandenburg, Prussia
died:  1 March 1901  
cemetery/city:  Oak Hill Watertown, WI
spouse:  D. Sophia Fluegel  
marriage date/place:   26 February 1836 Königsberg, Brandenburg, Prussia (?)

Henrietta Krakow   (1836--1924)


immigration: Arrived in New York on 30 July 1846 on board the ship New York; with wife, daughter, and in-laws.

records and documents:
Emigration from Brandenburg, Prussia. Lebanon Baptist Church records.

additional information:
Obituary in Watertown newspaper says he arrived "here" in 1846, and that he went to California for the Gold Rush "for a short time". Had a farm in Lebanon (Dodge County, WI), before coming to live with his daughter. It looks like he moved to the 7th ward of Watertown in 1867.

The Lebanon Baptist church records list his birthdate and place, and marriage date and place. This Königsberg is in the "Neumark" district of Brandenburg, just a few kilometers from Pomerania. It is now in Poland, and is known as "Chojna". (This is not the more famous Königsberg in East Prussia.) The "kreis" (district) of Königsberg contains both the town of Königsberg and the village of Alt Rüdnitz, where his wife lived. The Brandeburg emigration records says he was living in Alt Rüdnitz before he left. Either he moved to his wife's village, or he actually was from Alt Rüdnitz, and the Lebanon church records simply listed his home kreis instead of his home town.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30