Henrietta Krakow

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surname:  Krakow  
given name(s):  Henrietta  
usually known as:     
married name:  Henrietta Noack  
birth date/place:  28 June 1836 Königsberg, Brandenburg, Prussia
died:  11 July 1924  
cemetery/city:  Oak Hill Watertown, WI
father:  Michael F. Krakow  
mother:  D. Sophia Fluegel  
spouse:  J. Karl Noack  
marriage date/place:   2 May 1852 Lebanon, WI ?

Charles J. Noack Jr.   (1854--1915)
Hedwig Noack   (1856--?)
Willie Noack   (1860--1864)
Eduard Noack   (1863--1863)
Emma Noack   (1864--1867)
Otto W. Noack   (1866--?)
Alexander E. Noack   (1868--1954)
John Noack   (1870--1870)
Ida Noack   (1872--1946)
Freddie Noack   (1874--1875)
Ella Noack   (1876--1953)
Maxwell Noack   (1878--1933)


immigration: Arrived in New York on 30 July 1846 on board the ship New York; with parents and maternal grandparents.

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Birthplace listed is where her parents were born and married.

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