M. Friedrich Bruss

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surname:  Bruss  
given name(s):  (Michael) Friedrich Wilhelm  
usually known as:  Fritz, Friedrich  
birth date/place:  8 July 1818 Cammin, Pomerania, Prussia
died:  18 July 1909  
father:  Martin Bruss (1)  
mother:  Dorothea S. Ginnow  
spouse:  Wilhelmina H. Buth  
marriage date/place:   14 November 1843 Wisconsin

Wilhelmine Bruss   (1845--?)
Johanna Bruss   (1846--?)
Johann F. Bruss   (1847--?)
Maria Bruss   (1849--?)
Gottfried Bruss   (1850--?)
Friedrich W. Bruss   (1852--?)
Martin Bruss (2)   (1854--?)
Juliana Bruss   (1856--?)
Heinrich Bruss   (1858--1880)
Margaretha K. Bruss   (1860--1938)
Helena Bruss   (1862--?)
Auguste Bruss   (1863--?)
Magdalena Bruss   (1865--?)

occupation: Farmer

immigration: Arrived in USA (port of New York) Sept. 5, 1839, with parents, and two brothers and two sisters, aboard the ship "Republic". From New York City went to Buffalo, NY. In 1840 (?) he came to Milwaukee, and then in 1841 moved to Freistadt.

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additional information:
Information from the Pommerscher Verein Freistadt (and the history of Trinity Lutheran Church, Freistadt [2]) gives his first name as "Martin" and his mother's name as "Dorothea Chennow". However, in the baptismal records from Cammin (microfilmed by the LDS), I found the name "Michael Friedrich Bruss", with the mother's name as "Dorothea Sophia Ginnow". I will use this interpretation, unless contradictory evidence is found.

The town of Cammin, sometimes called "Cammin in Pommern", in the kreis of Cammin, is on the Cammin Bay (or lagoon) about 6 km from the Baltic Sea coast.

A long article about their 60th wedding anniversary provided much of this information. However, that article says he arrived in the US in 1838. But other documentation shows it was really 1839.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30