Bruss Documents

The Mormon Genealogical archive has microfilmed the baptismal records for Cammin, Pomerania. Below is the transcription of the record for M. Friedrich Bruss. Unfortunately, because of the binding, the far right side of this page is not visible on the microfilm, so a word or two is probably lost from each line. This is indicated by the "--" below. Other places where the handwriting is difficult to interpret are indicated by question marks. In the left margin, this entry is numbered "43." for the year (1818), and also "Ehel. Sohn 17.", indicating it was the seventeenth legitimate son born that year. Of the total of 69 children baptized in the parish that year, about 10% were illegitimate.

Dem Einwohnen Martin Bruss auf d. A. H.[?]--
seiner Ehefrau Dorothea Sophia Ginnow den a-- [acht[en]?]
Juli ein Sohn geboren welcher den zwölften --
getauft und Michael Friedr. Wilhelm genannt --
Taufzeugen sind 1. Michael Friedr. Ginnow auf --
2. Frau Dorothea Maria Zühlke[?] auf Ramsberg 3. --
Friedr. Bruss.

This translates as:

The resident Martin Bruss from[?]--
his wife Dorothea Sophia Ginnow on the eighth[?] --
of July a son was born who, on the twelfth --
baptized and named Michael Friedr. Wilhelm --
The baptism-witnesses were: 1. Michael Friedr. Ginnow from --
2. Frau Dorothea Maria Zühlke[?] from Ramsberg 3. --
Friedr. Bruss.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30