Johann G. Burmeister

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surname:  Burmeister (also spelled Burrmeister)  
given name(s):  Johann Gottfried  
usually known as:  John (?)  
birth date/place:  4 November 1808 Batzlaff, Pomerania, Prussia
died:  14 June 1893  
cemetery/city:  David Star Kirchhayn, Wisconsin
spouse:  Caroline L. Barkow  
marriage date/place:     Dargsow, Pomerania, Prussia

Albertine F. Burmeister   (1833--1910)
Wilhelm F. Burmeister   (1842--1863)
Johann A. Burmeister   (1846--1847)
Martin A. Burmeister   (1852--?)

occupation: Farmer

immigration: Left Kretlow with wife and two children, traveled aboard the bark "Proteus" from Stettin, landed in New York 7 September 1843, and came to Wisconsin. Manifest lists all passengers as from "Kingdom of Prussia" and headed for "Wisconsin Territory".

records and documents:
Ship's manifest from Proteus. David Star church records.

additional information:
Early census records spell the name "Burrmeister", as does a hand-written listing on what may be a page from a Bible. Later census records (1880) and the grave marker spell the name "Burmeister".

Clifford Neal Smith's monograph lists this family among the "Old Lutherans" emigrating from Kreis Cammin, Pomerania, to the USA in 1843:

Burmeister, Johann Gottfried, 34, inhabitant Cretlow
Barckow, Karoline Luise, 33, w
Burmeister? Albertine Friderike Wilhelmine, 9, d
Burmeister? Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand, 1, s

This data matches the US Census records; in 1850, there were two women with last names "Barkow" living with the Burmeisters. I assume that is the correct spelling. "Kretlow" is the spelling of the Cammin village other references use. According to David Star church records, he was born in Batzlaff. This village is near Kretlow (and Dargsow, where his wife was born) near the center of Kreis Cammin.

He may not have been legally married to Caroline when Albertine was born.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30