Gustavus H. Steffen

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surname:  Steffen  
given name(s):  Gustavus Henry Charles  
usually known as:  Gustav, Gustave  
birth date/place:  18 December 1858 Germantown, WI
died:  23 December 1922  
cemetery/city:  Pilgrim's Rest Milwaukee, WI
father:  Johann G. Steffen  
mother:  Fredericka Buth  
spouse:  Margaretha K. Bruss  
marriage date/place:   1881  

Rudolf Steffen   
Josephine Steffen   
Herbert Steffen   
Adeline Steffen   
Viola M. Steffen   (1893--1973)
Elvina Steffen   
Hildegard Steffen   
Norma Steffen   
Gilbert Steffen   

occupation: Teacher, Principal

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additional information:
Gustav and his wife were first cousins (I am told). Presumably, their mothers were sisters.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30