Fredericka Buth

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surname:  Buth  
given name(s):  Fredericka  
usually known as:     
married name:  Fredericka Steffen  
birth date/place:  20 November 1818     Tribsow, Pomerania, Prussia (?)
died:  18 April 1903  
cemetery/city:  Trinity Freistadt, WI
father:  Gottfried Buth  
mother:  Dorothea Groth  
spouse:  Johann G. Steffen  
marriage date/place:      

Bertha Steffen   (1841--?)
Francis Steffen   (c.1843--?)
Wilhelmina Steffen   (c.1845--?)
Herman Steffen   (c.1848--?)
John Steffen   (1855--?)
Elizabeth Steffen   (c.1857--?)
Gustavus H. Steffen   (1858--1922)
Julius Steffen   (1860--?)
unknown1 Steffen   
unknown2 Steffen   
unknown3 Steffen   


immigration: The 1900 census says she immigrated in 1852, but other census data seem to contradict that.

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additional information:
Tribsow is the kreis of Cammin.

Census records indicate that the three oldest children were born in Prussia (conflicting information regarding Herman). They must have immigrated c. 1846-1849 (they are in 1850 census). Census also says she had a total of 11 children, of whom 8 were living in 1910.

Parents' names from Wilhelmina H. Buth's death certificate.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30