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This site features pictures and information about women volleyball players: mostly 2-woman beach volleyball players (WPVA, FIVB, BVA, etc.), but also Stanford and some other collegiate and 4-woman beach pictures. Besides the long list of American players, there is also now a separate list of foreign players. I am in the process of updating the site and adding photos from 2007 (I recently added some from 2006, too). And 2008, soon, too.

Other sources of information:
Beach Volleyball Database website for complete stats, etc.
The AVP website.
WPVA/CBS Sportsline website is still there with bios and photos circa 1997.

Comments? Suggestions? Requests? (I've got thousands of pictures.) e-mail: John Bartelt []

Here's a photo from the Toronto FIVB Open (June, 1998) of me with Karolyn Kirby and Liz Masakayan:

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