Marie Wolfgram

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surname:  Wolfgram  
given name(s):  Marie  
usually known as:     
married name:  Marie Bartelt  
birth date/place:  c.1760  
died:  18 March 1832  
cemetery/city:    Wilsdorf, Pomerania, Prussia
spouse:  Johann Bartelt  
marriage date/place:      

A. Friederike Bartelt   (1788--1869)


records and documents:
Listed in A. Friederike Bartelt's death record, David Star church records, and parish records for Martenthin, Pomerania.

additional information:
The Christian Friedrich Bartelt listed in David Star church records (and in the censuses as Friedrich Bartelt) may be her son. Her death record in the Martenthin parish lists her as a 72-year old widow, living in Wilsdorf, survived by children (plural), so she had more than one.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30