M. Elisabethe Kunz

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surname:  Kunz  
given name(s):  (Maria) Elisabethe  
usually known as:     
married name:  Elisabethe Wirth  
birth date/place:  7 March 1787 Kohlberg, Bavaria
died:  ?  
father:  Georg Kunz  
mother:  M. Margarethe Fuchs  
spouse:  J. Bartholomaeus Wirth  
marriage date/place:   19 July 1814 Kohlberg, Bavaria

Johann P. Wirth (2)   (1815--1905)
A. Margarethe Wirth   
A. Catharina Wirth   
Elisabethe Wirth   
Wolfgang P. Wirth   
M. Barbara Wirth   (1829--1920)
Gustav(?) Wirth   


records and documents:
Listed on Barbara Wirth's death certificate.

additional information:
Johann Paul Wirth is listed in the Immanuel Lutheran Church records (Cedarburg, WI). Hugo Wallschlaeger's records list Gustav and Margareta as Barbara's siblings. The Seidenstickers were descendants of Margareta Wirth.

John Bartelt 2006-01-30